6 Repurpose Ideas You May Actually Use

useful-upcycle-ideasHave you been scouring the internet for upcycling inspiration? Almost pulled your hair out stumbling upon all those quirky, nonsensical repurposing ideas? If you have been searching for even a minute you will know what I mean.

Granted, it can be fun to see an old bicycle getting a new life as a bathroom sink stand but if you are motivated by ecological, efficiency or frugal concerns you may have had it after a while right? Because that’s probably not what you are looking to add to your home. So here are a few ideas that surpass entertainment value. Ideas you may actually use.


Toilet rolls make perfect storage box elements




Creating an apocalyptic mess is often inevitable when storing your unused cables. Take a look at this clever solution. Those toilet rolls seem like they were made for bringing some structure in that rat’s nest of wires. Instructions on how to create your own TP roll organizer box here.


Ladder turned bookshelf



Sure you need to have an unused rung ladder lying around for this one but if you do, it does make for a trendy and practical book storage solution. There’s much less surface to dust off and it will safe you Ikea stress which, as we all know, starts in their unventilated maze-like stores and ends after finally having succeeded in assembling the, now frequently cursed, already scratched furniture.


Coffee can herb garden



If your balcony is your yard you will want to use its limited space as optimally as possible. Vertical solutions are the way to go. This simple yet clever repurposed cans herb grow system lets you grow your favorite herbs in style. With minimal costs. I think I would have hung them on the other side though so there would be more space left for me and visitors to hang over the railing. Great idea anyway. So next time, don’t throw your tin cans in the garbage, they also make pretty stylish inside plant pots, pencil and pen containers and lanterns. Source, OffbeatHome


Cd spindle bagel box



Paper lunch bags are wasteful and don’t offer crush protection either. Lunch boxes don’t involve squashed sandwiches and are much more eco friendly. This repurpose hack tops them all. Because free. The health conscious may scratch their heads at the sight of storing food in a non-food plastic container but no worries. CD spindles are made out of the same plastic chemical class as most food storage products (#5 and #6). Use a CD spindle and take your bagel on the fly. Source: Rodrigo Piwonka


Food jars as drinking glasses, office storage, plant pots,



Just think about it. We, the consumerist generations, can not be praised for being the most clearly and consistently thinking individuals. On the one hand we buy fancy, pricey jars and drinking glasses to be on par with the Joneses and dress up our kitchens. While on the other hand, we toss out already bought and paid for, perfectly fine jars and bottles. Which come with leakproof lids too with all kinds of benefits such as keeping your wine from pesky fruit flies at the picnic. Agreed, some lids aren’t durable. They start to rust after a while but you dont have to use them for food stuffs. Just clean them out and save money and the environment. Still hesitating? Upcycling is trendy as fuck so what’s keeping you fancypants? Photo by Rodale News.


Upcycled glass bottle pendant lamp



I always looked in awe when I saw those uber stylish reused bottle pendant lamps. Key is to be able to cut glass so that you’ll end up with those smooth edges. Turns out it isn’t as difficult as you might have thought (or as I thought). It’s fairly easy actually and you don’t need much equipment either. Check Youtube to learn how. And if you get the hang of it you may be able to earn money on the side by selling your empty booze bottle lights on Etsy.


Got a useful recycling idea? Shout it out below.



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