Do You Sleep Enough? Test It In Less Than A Minute

sleep test by Richard Wiseman
do the test and find out in less than a minute if you are sleep deprived

Knowledge about sleep is still widely uncharted territory. We do know that each person has his or her own minimum amount of sleep in order to optimally function. Apart from the amount of sleep, its quality is crucial.

Did you know….

that studies show that athletes performing at the peak of their circadian rhythm are able to jump slightly farther, lift slightly heavier weights, and have slightly quicker reaction times?

Also napping is a powerful part of sleep that can truly make a difference in how we feel and what we achieve.

Salvador Dali, the eccentric Spanish painter believed that in order to become a truly great painter he had to take micro naps. He called these really short naps, “slumber with a key.” He situated himself in a chair during his afternoon siesta and by holding a key between his fingers that would fall on the ground as soon as he feel asleep hem managed to accomplish a one second micro nap.

But all fun facts about napping and being stronger and smarter aside,

Do you sleep enough?

There’s a simple, and quick to perform test created by Richard Wiseman (Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology)

Do the test In 59 Seconds, and find out if you are sleep deprived.

And? Need more sleep? If you do, note that a lack of sleep not only makes you forgetful, it also ages your skin. A stress hormone is created that attacks collagen, which is the building block of smooth and elastic skin. You are also likely to overeat (especially unhealthy things like sugary stuff) and it not only increases appetite but you run more risk on depression and it clouds your judgement. (for example about deciding if you should go to sleep)



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