RipeNearMe App Connects You With Local Homegrown Food

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 ‘Airbnb’ for microfarms


Valencia Spain isn’t the only place with streets chock-full of orange trees where the ripe fruits are downtrodden on the pavement in front of stores offering imported and less local foods. Local food sources are often overlooked or neglected.

Fresh local food can be found in more places around us then we may realize but we are so used to going to stores for our supply that we often don’t even think about alternatives.

And especially in organic stores, choice often is limited and prices are high. The organic food mafia flourishes because of the trend and finite supply. Which is why we applaud initiatives such as the RipeNearMe app.

It aims to reduce the disparity between existing sources, such as forgotten orchards, home growers who just have too much produce to give away, or people who are considering growing local foods, on the one hand and the limited offer of local organic foods on the other.

Goal of the makers of the app:

“dramatically increase the quantity of urban and sustainably grown foods”


subscribe to individual fruit trees/produce to be notified when they’re ripe


Users of the app and website can post their produce, whether they have strawberries, kale or eggs, they are willing to sell, share or swap with others. Or they can find local homegrown, seasonal, or wild food stuffs for their own consumption.

By facilitating people to be able to make a buck out of their home grown food, Alistair and Helena Martin want to encourage more people to plant edibles in urban spaces.

“Why not have a site that allows foodies to connect with growers? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get all our fresh food from the local neighborhood?”


find or offer local and seasonal foods


After being our own hotel at Airbnb, a bicycle rental company at Spinlister, a dog kennel on DogVacay, a restaurant at Feastly, you can now be your own microfarm at RipeNearMe. Or be a happy customer of course.

By making local food structures stronger and increasing diversity apps such as RipeNearMe help make a  big step forward in making widespread urban farming a reality.

Check out the short video (1.45 min.) to learn more.



Or head to the RipeNearMe website right away.

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