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In order to get your content published on Critical Cactus there’s one major requirement: your copy has to be able to rank in search engines for its title.

In other words, you will have to pick a niche topic that doesn’t have much competition yet or write such a high quality, and beefy post that it will outrank currently ranking posts in SERPs.

Yet in other words, write long tail content. You know, an inch wide, a mile deep type stuff. Generally this means at least 1,500 words of ultra concise content.

To stress this even more, your copy as well as your topic must be unique. Beaten to death topics aren’t considered.

Do keep in mind that by publishing on Critical Cactus the content written by you will be owned by Critical Cactus. This is just to prevent it from being re-published on other sites. We won’t do anything with it other than publishing it here.

Finally, you need to provide value to our readers. Analyze current posts on this site so you’ll understand how this is done.

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  • Hi,

    I’m a long time reader.

    I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to your website.

    I’ve been brainstorming some topics and I think your readers would get a ton of value from them.
    I’ll make sure the piece is filled with information that can’t be found anywhere else. In exchange, all i expect is a backlink from within the main body of the article.

    Do let me know if you like this proposal and if I can begin sending you some topic ideas.


    Ashlie Lopez

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