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The Eccentric Daily Routines Of Earth’s Geniuses

Snorting coke, smoking 20 cigars a day and frantically running around Vienna’s Ringstrasse may not be your style. Yet it was how Freud liked to spend his days.

Marcel Proust started his day with croissants and opium while Benjamin Franklin liked to take ‘air baths’, sitting naked in front of an open window.

Drinking a whopping 50 cups of coffee before hitting the sack at 6 pm, like Balzac used to do, may or may not appeal to you either.

Still, there’s a lot to be taken away from the routines of some of history’s greatest eccentric minds. If only as inspiration to enhance your own daily rhythm. Their quirky yet productive schedules may help you realize there’s more than 9 to 5.

The 2 hour workday of Victor Hugo may inspire you to work less, even if you don’t plan on daily carriage rides and barber visits.

For some of our great minds, creativity required commitment, quite a few relied on mind-altering stimulants while for others takin’ er easy was the path to success.



daily routines of earth's geniuses


Infographic by Info We Trust based on the book by Mason Currey; Daily Rituals, How Artists Work.



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