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200 Ideas On How To Make Money Online (No Scams) – Infographic

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Who hasn’t heard about the endless possibilities of making money online? 14 year old kids letting it rain money behind their laptops. Webpreneurs working from sunny beaches. Those quick and easy bucks stories may be a bit exaggerated but the truth is that almost anyone can make money from home.

The main question of course, what kind of home based business will you start?

Are you going to ‘hustle sum’ in your spare time? Or are you looking for a full-fledged online job?

Either way, here’s a list of the most common ways to make money on the internet. No scams. No surveys. Without investment (of money, you will have to put in the time, and sweat).

Are you trampling to ditch your desk? Dying to say goodbye to the 9 to 5 mentality? Start reading right now. It’s your first step into becoming a digital entrepreneur.

Making money online has become an attractive prospect for many people. Since it has become ever more popular, competition has also increased. A bewildering array of options have sprung up, some of them more lucrative than others, and a few just plain fraudulent.

With all these choices, it can be hard to know where to start. This infographic comprehensively breaks down all avenues of internet profiteering, giving helpful suggestions in each case for where you can find out more. The writer of the infographic also shares a lot of insider knowledge, from what languages are “hot” for translation at the moment to which sites are fading out of relevancy.

If you’re feeling a bit lost in the face of competing options, this overview of 200 ways to make money online is a great place to start.


ideas on how to earn a living online


There are many reasons “e-ployment” is better for some people than standard employment. If you’re someone who can take responsibility for your own work and successes, you get an incredible amount of freedom.

The majority of online work is freelance, and this means you can freely turn down or accept whatever work you feel like. If your online venture is, for example, a blog, you get to do something you’re passionate about without a boss sucking the joy out of it. You also get literal freedom; when all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, location independence becomes virtually a given.


Which way to make money online will you choose? Let us know below.

Infographic by SurveySpencer.

Featured image, Flickr.


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