This One Simple Trick Will Save You 29% Space At Home

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ultimate home space-saving tip


You’ve seen them all, right?

Common space-saving hacks for the home like under stairs storage, chairs that fit into cupboards, rolling pantries, magnetic storage solutions, extendable tables and slide-out desks.

Yet there’s one often overlooked trick that beats them all.

This unexpected method allows you to save an immense amount of space in your home.

I’m talking of instantly saving up whole rooms in your house. Yes that’s right whole rooms. In a flash.

The reason this surprising solution is shrouded in obscurity is because of ignorance. It’s not commonly seen as a viable alternative which is why people just don’t know how awesome it is.

Really, you probably don’t know about its other, amazing benefits. But you will now because I’m going to tell you in a second.


The ultimate home space saving solution that beats ’em all..


Sleeping in a hammock at night.

Whaat!? That’s ridiculous! You must be kidding me! Crashing in a wobbly net instead of snoozing in my cozy, comfy, bed?

Yep grasshopper, that’s exactly what I mean.

I get it, this sounds crazy. I must have lost my mind.  But before you run off, hear me out about it’s epic benefits. You’re going to thank me for it.

I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say that,


Sleeping in a hammock at night is one of the best things you can do for your well-being.

This may sound too good to be true but it’s not.

People who have tried it – they generally stick with it – know about its blissful benefits:

  • Spending the night in a hammock helps you sleep better. It has helped cure insomnia in many people and not only because it
  • Helps you fall asleep much faster. Then there’s also the fact that,
  • You get deeper, more restful sleep making you wake up more refreshed and energetic.
  • It has proven a lifesaver for folks with bad backs,
  • The swinging beds help you study and concentrate and
  • They are killer meditation boosters.
  • Provide therapeutic relief for special needs children.
  • The iconic symbol of relaxation helps you relief stress and take reviving power naps


So let’s just shake off those uneasing thoughts for one minute and think about the space saving possibilities


Think about the vast amount of space you will free up and what you can do with it

You can put up and take down a hammock in a bedroom -or somewhere else- in a jiffy.

Literally in seconds your bed is there when you need it. Or gone when you need more space.

“A bedroom, doesn’t need to be just a bedroom anymore.”

Just close your eyes for a second and see in front of you what you can do with that extra, freed-up space.

  • Always wanted to create a home yoga studio? You got it yogini!
  • Office space at home, wouldn’t that be great? Time to finally become location independent. It makes for a great productivity booster too, as many business people learned that they were more productive at work after spending just 10 minutes in a hammock.
  • Wanna put in a zen float tent (aka sensory deprivation tank) and reap all its mindfulness and health benefits? Now you’ve got the room.
  • Rent out a room on Airbnb to make some money on the side? Bring in those bucks, uhh guests.
  • Need space for your re-purposing hobby that got out of hand? Get crafty Crafty.
  • Go live in a smaller house and pay less rent or mortgage? Start enjoying your own free time and do things that really matter. Or just do stuff you dig.


You’ll get the idea.

That’s not all though..

Having such a portable bed is great for sleeping blissfully on hot nights. Easily flee from the searing heat and clammy conditions. You can just go sleep where it’s coolest such as downstairs, the basement, the yard or at the rooftop.


But I can never get used to that!

Yes, you do*.

I get it though. Of course you are reluctant.

It can take a few nights to get used to and during the colder nights your’re gonna want to use an underblanket to lie in to prevent body heat loss but the merits are many. Here’s how to sleep in a hammock.

Just try it.

What do you have to lose? More space at home? Lower rent or mortgage payments? Less heating costs? More time to do what you love? More freedom to live life on your own terms?

(* Maybe you don’t. Everybody is different)


Hey wait a minute, how about that 29% space-saving?

True, that’s a teensy-weensy click-baity title but I’ll practice what I preach.

Here’s why.

You can ditch your bedroom.

According to research:

“Bedrooms in total account for a fraction under 29 percent of the floor space
irrespective of home size.”  

Of course you still need rooms to put your new swinging beds. But you can use those rooms for other purposes during the day.

Or you can go hardcore and decide to put your hammock up in the living room, the hallway, garage, patio (in summer) or dining room.

Granted, when you’re with more people, you may not be able to get rid of all beds in the home but nonetheless, space saving opportunities are huge.


You’re wrestling with space issues at home too right?

Perhaps you’re paying rent for a storage box too. Or even more than one… you little hoarder you.  😉

Let’s face it, we all can use some more space. We scratch our heads and wonder how in hell it’s possible that we got so much space and still our stuff doesn’t fit.

Luckily, times are changing.

We are collectively realizing that we own way too much stuff and that the use of our spaces is insanely inefficient. Basically our homes are too big yet still not big enough for all our fancy crap.

All while we are stressed out because of a lack of time. We are slaves to our consumerist behavior. Our stuff, and thus our jobs and debt literally own us.

Which is why…


This ultimate space-saving tip transcends its practical use

In our complex world, we long for having a connection with nature again. We have an increased interest in archaic symbols and activities. Think yoga, meditation, and trance dancing to name just a few.

Hammocks are not just a symbol of wanderlust and hippie-dom.

They resemble a return to the womb. Lying in one, you’re suspended, cocooned, and cradled, rocked gently by Mother Nature.

Use it to downsize to what’s really important and this home space-saving trick may save you more than just a ton of space.

When used to free up space in your home, and ultimately your life, the proven sleep aid truly becomes a gateway to enlightenment.



Not convinced yet? You should really read this (make sure to read the comments too).



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  • I love sleeping in my hammock.

    That said, it’s a bit harder to convince my girlfriend to sleep in it with me . . . and that’s sort of a dealbreaker.

    I still pull it out any time I’m going camping, but sometimes it’s better to let a bed take up more space.

    Speaking of, I often lived in very small spaces during my early twenties, and I have to say that simply building a raised bed allows either storage or work space, depending on just how raised it is.


    • I agree about the dual sleeping, which is what the ‘one reason’ in 8 reasons to sleep in a hammock (and 1 reason not to) refers to. This concept of ditching your bed in lieu of a hammock is certainly not for everyone, other clever hacks, like the raised bed solution, exist. My intention with this post is to inspire thinking differently about how we live and how much we need to be comfortable/ happy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Connor.