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The Benefits of Linen Sheets for Your RV Bed or Tiny House

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RV living is one of the best ways to see the world and live off the beaten path. But what good is that if you’re too tired to enjoy it all?

The quality of your bedding can have a large impact on your quality of sleep, even — or perhaps especially — when you’re living small.

Whether you’re in a camper or a tiny house, every single detail can have a huge impact on the form and function of your home.

So when it comes to something as important as sleep, it only makes sense to splurge on a set of high-quality linen sheets to enhance what room you have. Here are a few reasons why real linens are worth the investment.

1. They’re Warm in the Winter

When it comes to outfitting an RV bed, many people immediately turn to microfiber or cotton because it’s cheap and available. But that’s making a big mistake. Temperature regulation is everything when it comes to restful sleep, especially during those cold, long nights of winter.

To that end, studies have shown that linen is actually more conducive to heat in the colder months than other fabrics, retaining up to five times more heat than wool and as much as 19 times more heat than silk! These natural thermal properties of linen help your body temperature stay warm without a mountain of extra blankets, no matter where you’re camped for the night.

2. They’re Cool in the Summer

On the opposite end of the spectrum, trying to stay cool in a cramped camper during the peak heat of summer can feel like running laps in a sauna. As one of the most breathable textiles, linen sheets are known to keep body temperatures lower than cotton or silk, by a difference of about three to four degrees Celsius (or five to seven Fahrenheit).

That’s no small change when you’re trying to live minimally in a limited space. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for sleeping conditions — but for those of us who enjoy being tucked in under the sheets, keeping a little bit cooler might be even more ideal.

The best part about a linen bed set is that you don’t have to change the sheets between seasons because its versatility is well suited for all temperatures. That frees up your precious storage space for the things that really matter.

3. They’re Easy to Wash and Dry

It’s sometimes hard to know when you’ll make your next laundry stop, but thankfully, linen sheets can be washed by machine or hand. In fact, linens tend to become softer and stronger the more you wash them, and they keep their shape after being hung to dry or ironed, which is always welcome news when you’re dealing with limited space.

One important note for linen care, however, is to always use soft — not hard — water for cleaning. This helps keeps fabrics cozy even after dozens of cycles. And to top it all off, many people say they sleep better (and are even more excited to go to bed!) when their sheets smell fresh. Since you can wash and wash to your heart’s content, getting that just-cleaned scent into your RV is easy when you have a good set of linens.

4. They’re Durable and Resistant

Linen sheets are made from naturally-sourced linseed (AKA flax seed), which is one of the oldest sources of fabric there is. Ancient civilizations used to prize their linens as much as they did precious gems and stones, and there’s evidence of linseed being used for textiles as far back as 1,000 years ago. One of the reasons why linen has withstood the test of time is because it’s extremely durable and strong.

Through bumpy roads and treacherous hills, commercial washing machines and the frequent use of dryers, the tears and stains that might otherwise ruin cheap or synthetic fabrics while you’re out exploring the world won’t even make a mark on a good set of linens.

Some people think that the cost of real linens is too pricey of an investment up front, but the fact of the matter is that you’ll likely save money and materials over time. Instead of buying regular replacements for cotton or polyester sheets, one set of linens will last and last for years to come.

5. They’re Kind to Your Skin

It doesn’t matter if you live in a conversion van by the beach, a luxury coach, or a mansion on the hill. We all end up spending roughly one-third of our lives in bed. So it should come as no surprise that the fabrics rubbing up against your skin night after night can have a significant impact on your health and complexion.

The harsh chemicals often used to treat synthetic fibers can irritate your skin, especially if you are prone to allergies or eczema. Oftentimes, people with sensitive skin often see great improvements just by switching to natural fibers that are breathable and hypoallergenic.

Furthermore, if living naturally and conscientiously is part of your credo, then be sure to invest in organic linens that are 100% free from toxins and GMOs. What’s good for the planet is also good for you.

Wrapping it up

Don’t lose sleep over uncomfortable sheets. There’s a reason why linens are often regarded as the finest material for bedding, the world around.

And don’t be dismayed by a lack of size: If you’re having trouble finding quality linen sheets to fit your RV mattress, you can always follow these savvy DIY hacks by strapping them with a set of suspenders or clamping them onto to the underside of the mattress. Practically any size sheet can be made to work with an RV bed or custom mattress suited for a tiny home.

At the end of the day (quite literally), quality sleep is worth the investment. See more, do more, and be more when you get a better night’s rest, no matter where you lay your head at night.


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This guest article was contributed by Linoto.


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