Save The Planet, Start At Home With These 50 Tips (Infographic)

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Your home is your sanctuary. You keep it clean and tidy. You filter your tap water, ensure ideal humidity levels and you may have some house plants for adding a touch of nature as well as benefiting from their air filtering properties.

Now on a larger scale your home has gotten less attention the past decades. Your home has been neglected, polluted, and put in serious danger of becoming considerably less habitable. We’re, of course, talking about the blue planet that is your second home.

It’s your first home actually. Because you can always move to another dwelling. Another apartment, log cabin, farmhouse, or tiny house is easily found. But of our Spaceship Earth, we’ve only got one.

No matter what you think of the whole climate change discussion, it’s about time we start to care about our shared home. No better place to begin then at your own personal space. Here are 50 ways to be more careful with our planet.


50-ways-your-home-could-save-the-earth Infographic

Source: Anglian Home Improvements.

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